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  • Dairy Loans

  • Agricultural Loans

    We offer term loans for buying cattle, purchase of equipment for irrigation and other agricultural requirements.

  • Vehicle Loans

    This festive season, get the vehicle loan at lowest EMI of just Rs 2052.00 per lac for 5 years and EMI of Rs 1440 per lakh for 8 years

  • Home Loans

    Avail the 15 year term loan facility with lowest EMI Rs 1090/- per lac and no hidden cost.

Service Charges











Cheque Book Charges


Ø  Free Cheque Leaves to Saving  Bank  Account customers.

Ø  Issuance of MICR Cheque Books




Ø  10 Cheque leaves free per month



Ø  Rs 20/- per Cheque Book







Interest Certificate of Deposit


a)    One Certificate to be issued free

     of cost every year.                  

b)    Rs.50/- per additional certificates

       on all types of accounts




Stop Payment Instructions                                     

All types of accounts 



Ø  Rs.20/- per instructions.




Issuance of Duplicate Statements



·         Only with latest balance.

·         For previous entries   








Ø  Rs.50/-

Ø  Rs.50/- per ledger folio at part


Ø  40 entries shall constitute one ledger folio.





Standing Instructions



Ø  Rs20/- per transaction will be charged involving credit to account within the branch or another branch. Remittance charges at the prescribed rate and actual postage shall be recovered additionally. Charges to be levied on the account from which the amount is transferred.





Maintenance of Minimum Balance

Saving Bank


·         Without Cheque Book

·         With Cheque Book     






Ø  Rs.500/

Ø  Rs.1000/-





Current Account


Ø  Rs5000/-

Ø  If the balance in the account is less than the penalty charges then the account be closed under intimation to the customer by ordinary post.





Incidental Charges/Penalty charges For non-maintenance of minimum Balance


Inoperative Accounts

·         Saving Account

·         Current Account



Operative Accounts

Ø  Saving Account




Ø  Current Account







Ø  Rs200/- per half year

Ø  Rs400/- per half year




Ø  Rs20/- half yearly without Cheque

Book and Rs.50/- half yearly with                         Cheque Book facility.


Ø  Rs.50/- per month for Individual         

            Current Account.


Ø  Rs.100/- per month for other than individual.



Ø  If the balance falls below the minimum during any day of the month penalty charges will be levied for full month.


Ø  Pension Accounts, Salary/Accounts and Staff Accounts shall be exempted from these provisions.





Closing of RD account within one

Year of Opening


Ø  Rs.30/-

Ø  On death of account holder no charges should be levied.





Penalty charges for Depositing Late Instalment.


Ø  Rs.2/- for Rs.100/- per month irrespective of periodicity of deposit.      





Change of Authorised Signatory of Account



Ø  Rs.50/- per occasion (except for change due to to death of existing authorized signatory)

Ø  No charges from Senior Citizen and Bank Staff and Department.




Account Closing Charges


Ø  S.B Account

Ø  Current Account



Ø  Rs.100/-

Ø  Rs.500/-








Ø  Performance Guarantee

Ø  Other than Performance Guarantee      



Ø  Rs.100/- + 2% p.a or part thereof.

Ø  Rs. 100/- + 3% p.a or part thereof.


Ø  In case of guarantee against Fixed

            Deposit, the charges will be 1%

            Per Year.




Locker Rent  


Ø  Rs.1000/- p.a.


Penalties for Locker Rent in default




Ø  Rs.100/-p.a


Ø  Any default will attract penalty charges for a full year


Ø  The rent should become due w.e.f 1st of succeeding month in which the locker is leased out. One month may be allowed for payment of rent due.


Ø  No Concession for staff members for penalties in respect of locker rent in default.




Postal Charges for all service Charges in the circular to be charged




Ø  Only actual Postal Charges.



Processing Fee


Cash Credit Traders


Ø  Upto Rs.50000/-

Ø  Rs.50001/-upto Rs.200000

Ø  Rs.200001/-upto Rs.1000000



Ø  Above Rs.1000000/-








Ø  Rs.200/-p.a

Ø  0.50% p.a of the sanctioned limit.

Ø  0.40% p.a. of the sanctioned limit minimum Rs.1000/- maximum Rs.3000/-

Ø  0.25% p.a. of the sanctioned limit, minimum Rs.3000/-

Ø  Processing free will also be charged on renewal of limit.












Processing Fee of Loans



a)Vehicle Loan




b)Consumer Loan




c)Personal Loan          






Ø  Upto Rs.500000/-

Ø  Rs.500001 to Rs.10.00 lacs/-

Ø  Above Rs.10.00 lacs/-





e)Two Wheelers          





f)House Loan







g)Education Loan










Ø  0.50% of the loan amount maximum Rs.2000/-. Staff is exempted from charges.


Ø  Rs.500/- will be charged one time Irrespective of the loan amount. Staff is exempted from charges.


Ø  Rs.500/- will be charged one time time irrespective of the loan amount. Staff is exempted from charges.




Ø  0.50% of the sanctioned amount

Ø  0.40% of the sanctioned amount minimum Rs.2500/-

Ø  0.25% of the sanctioned amount minimum Rs.4000/- maximum Rs.10000/-



Ø  0.50% of the sanctioned amount maximum Rs.200/-




Ø  0.50% of the sanctioned loan amount maximum Rs.5000/- in case of Urban House Loan maximum Rs.1000/- in case of Rural House Loan.




Ø  No Charges upto Rs.2.00 lac.

Ø   Above Rs.2.00 lacs : 0.5% of the sanctioned amount.










Collection of Cheque/D.D

Outstation Cheques


Ø  Upto Rs.1000/-

Ø  Rs.1001 to Rs.5000/-

Ø  Rs.5001 to Rs.10000/-

Ø  Rs.10001 to Rs.100000/-


Ø  Rs.100001 to Rs.1000000/-   




Ø  Above Rs.1000000    






Ø  Rs.10/- + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.25/- + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.35/- + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.4.00 per thousand Postal Charges.

Ø  Rs.3.50 per thousand minimum Rs.400/- (maximum Rs.2500/-) Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.3.00 per thousand (maximum Rs.10000/-) + Postal Charges

(If depositor keeps the deposit minimum for 6 months in B.O., then only postal charges will be levied.



Collection of Bills


Ø  Upto Rs.1000/-

Ø  Rs.1001 to Rs.5000   

Ø  Rs.5001 to Rs.10000

Ø  Rs.10001 to Rs.10000


Ø  Rs.100001 to Rs.1000000



Ø  Above Rs.1000000    



Ø  Rs.25/ + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.50/ + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.75/ + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.7.00 per thousand or part thereof + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.5.00 per thousand or part thereof minimum  Rs.600/- + Postal Charges

Ø  Rs.4.50 per thousand or part thereof minimum Rs.5000/- + Postal Charges

Ø  No collection charges to be levied for collection of local

Cheques /drafts

Ø  However out of pocket expenses be recovered in full

Ø  Collection charges in case of outstation cheques/bills should be levied on the gross amount of the instalment.



Cheques/Bills returned unpaid


Ø  Local Cheques/Bills   

Ø  Outstation Cheques/Bills



Ø  Rs.100/- per instrument

Ø  50% of collection charges

Ø  Of Rs25/- + Postal Charges









Collection of Other Bank’s Deposit receipt On maturity


Ø  Collecting bank levy charges as applicable to remittance. In case of local collection, charges will be as applicable to Banker’s cheques/Pay orders be levied.



Remittances of Funds


a)    Issuance of Demand Draft


Ø  Upto Rs.10000/-

Ø  Above Rs.10000/-



b)    Issuance of Duplicate Draft


Ø  Upto Rs.100000/-

Ø  Above Rs. 100000/-   



c)Revalidation/Cancellation of Draft  






d)Remittance against lender of Cash



           Remittancee of Banker’s Cheque



Ø  Upto Rs.10000/-

Ø  Above Rs. 10000



           Remittance of Duplicate Bankers

           Cheques order


Ø  Upto Rs.10000/-

Ø  Above Rs.10000


           Validation/Cancellation of Draft           






Ø  Rs.25/-

Ø  Rs.2.50 per thousand or part thereof and maximum Rs.10000/-




Ø  Rs.50/-

Ø  Rs.100/-



Ø  Rs.50/- per instrument

Ø  Actual postal charges incurred for having taken up the matter with the drawee bank, in case of cancellation of lost instruments be recovered in full.



Ø  Additional charges @ Rs.20/- over and Above the rates prescribed






Ø  Rs.20/-

Ø  Rs.1.50 per thousand or pad   thereof




Ø  Rs.50/-

Ø  Rs.75/-


Ø  Rs.50/- per instrument

Ø  Actual postal charges incurred for having take up the matter with the drawee bank, in case of cancellation of lost instruments be recovered in full.





FREE to Bank Customers



f)     Financial transaction after 5th


g)    Non Financial transaction after 5 free transactions


h)    Daily withdrawl limit


i)     Daily Purchase limit at PoS





5 per month (including financial & Non financial)


Rs  17/- plus service tax


Rs  6/- plus service tax


Rs 25000/- per day, Rs 15000/- per transaction.

Rs 40000/-








CHARGES (wef 01.04.2021.)



Rs.100/- +GST



Rs150/- +GST



RS.30/- +GST



RS.200/- +GST


More than 5 Txns ( Financial)

Rs.17/- +GST


More than 5 Txns (Non-Financial)

Rs.6/- +GST





Ø  Every staff member entitiled for 2 drafts/payorders free of charges in a month

These must be for his own use.


Ø  Free facility of Drafts is not applicable in case of DDs/Payorders purchased from Other Banks, staff members bear the expenses as charged by the Other Bank.


Ø  Service Tax may change , as per government guidelines.


'AVOID your Account getting FREEZED'